Workshop Success Stories

We haven't been keeping track of the success stories from the workshops, but we should have been. There have been a lot of them. We're going to start collecting them and posting them here as well as on the Adventures in YA Publishing Site.

February 2017: Beth Turley, Two-book deal for If This Were a Story, Repped by Zoe Sandler
January 2013: Lori A. Goldstein, Two-book deal for Becoming Jinn and another book with Liz Szabla at Feiwel and Friends. Repped by Lucy Carson.
December 2012: Tiffany Turpin Johnson, Repped by Annie Bomke
December 2012: Connie Michael, Two books sold to Entranced Publishing
November 2012: Dana Edwards, Repped by Tricia Lawrence
November 2012: Laura Tims, Repped by Sarah Davies
November 2012: Ki-Wing Merlin, Repped by Tamar Rydzinski
February 2012: Ann Bedicheck Braden, Repped by Tricia Lawrence
(Note, there are many more, but Jan and I are only slowly tracking them down :))

Success Stories -- In Their Own Words

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