Join the Workshop

Our monthly First Five Pages Workshops begin the first Saturday of every month. We accept the first five middle grade or young adult manuscripts received by email starting at noon EST. As time permits, two of our permanent mentors will work alongside a guest mentor to tell you what we see in those first five pages with respect to your voice, plot, characters, setting, pacing and writing in general. Depending on the mentor's schedule, they may comment only on your initial entry, on the initial entry and one revision, or on all subsequent revisions. You'll also get feedback and comments from your peers, and have the opportunity to post two revisions, so you'll end up the strongest possible start.

Please note-- the permanent mentors, and the guest mentors also, all have busy writing schedules and obligations that have to come first. We will do our best to ensure that at least one mentor will comment on your work for each of the three weeks, and we will try to give you as much feedback as you can, but we can't guarantee who will be able to comment or when. We're trying. We want to help. We would love to do more -- but the reality is that we all have deadlines, and our own obligations to our publishers must come first. So please bear with us.

Even if you are not officially part of the workshop, stop in and help the participants out by reading, offering your input, learning from what our mentors have to say, and generally sharing thoughts and knowledge. We can all learn together and develop our understanding of craft and what draws readers in. We'd love to hear from you, but feel free to lurk. Would you read more? Do you love the characters? Is the inciting incident clear? Can you tell what kind of a story it's going to be? Would you buy the book?

Happy writing!



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  2. what is the email address for workshop?

  3. You begin accepting manuscripts at noon in what time zone? EST?
    Thanks for your help!

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  5. Same questions as above: what is the email address? is the time EST?

  6. Still the same question as the others. What time zone?