Saturday, April 28, 2018

The April 2018 Workshop w/ Lit Agent Erica Bauman and Author/Editor Sheryl Scarborough

Our April Workshop kicked off on Saturday, April 7th at noon EST. Additionally, we hosted a Twitter chat onWednesday, April 3rd for participants past, present, and future to chat with mentors and our agent. If you missed the chat, you can read the #1st5pages  Q&A here.

The First Five Pages Workshop is here to help writers find their manuscript's best possible opening with the help of two of our permanent author mentors and a featured guest author. The Workshop runs over the course of three consecutive weeks. In the final week, a literary agent will review the pitch and final draft of the pages. Not only will the agent provide notes, they will also offer a partial request and critique for at least one selected winner.

And that's not all! The workshop isn't just for the writers who have submitted manuscripts. For any writer, seeing how each manuscript evolves with the help of our mentoring authors and literary agent can be an unparalleled learning experience in how publishing really works and how professionals and readers read. 

Follow along and see the transformation on each of the workshop manuscripts: what worked, what didn't work, and why. This page will always have the most recent workshop displayed with additional workshops linked below.  Follow along with the workshop! Additional workshops are also available in chronological order on the site sidebar.

Guest Mentors

Sheryl Scarborough,

Literary Agent Erica Bauman
 of Avetias

Workshop Entries

The Curious Incident of the Lion in the Night-time by T. James Belich
Genre: Middle Grade Mystery
Mentors: Sheryl Scarborough, Melanie Conklin, and Beth Turley
       Agent's Comments

Wishing on Stars and Other Intangible Objects by Hannah Contois
Genre: Young Adult Magical Realism
Mentors: Sheryl Scarborough, Holly Bodger, and Pintip Dunn

Gray Throne by Mary Jolley
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Mentors: Sheryl Scarborough, Wendy Spinale, and Stephanie Scott
       Agent Comments

Stop Mr. Rygen by Kim Larson
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Mentors: Sheryl Scarborough, Candace Granger, and SA Larsen
       Agent Comments

Samuri Racing by K. Stoker
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Mentors: Sheryl Scarboroug, Sarah Grimm, and Shannon Parker
      Agent's Comments


Previous Workshops

      (Use sidebar links for earlier workshops)

Enter Your Own First Five Pages    

Interested in participating yourself? See here. But even if your own manuscript isn't in the workshop, seeing how the manuscripts evolve over three weeks with the help of our mentoring authors and literary agent can help you make HUGE leaps forward with your own manuscript.

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