Monday, August 28, 2017

July 2017 Workshop

Because the first five pages of a manuscript may be all that agents, editors, and readers read, the First Five Pages Workshop is designed to help young adult and middle grade writers get their pages off to a great start with the help of three published authors over the course of three weeks. And for any writer, seeing how the manuscripts evolve over three weeks with the help of our mentoring authors and literary agent can help you make HUGE leaps forward with your own manuscript. 

The July 2017 Workshop is now concluded, but that doesn't mean the learning is over! Follow the links below and read the comments and transformations on each manuscript to see what worked, what didn't work, and why. And check out the current workshop hereIt's a fabulous chance to bring your own manuscript up to a professional level quickly.

The July workshop was mentored by the following permanent workshop mentors:

Heather Cashman, Brenda Drake, Sarah Grimm, Heather Petty, Stephanie Scott, Ron Smith, Wendy Spinale, and Rob Vlok.

Congratulations to all participants and mentors on a job well done!

Guest Mentors

Author: Laura Williams McCaffrey

Literary Agent: Gabrielle Piraino
of DeFiore and Company


Workshop Entries

The Winter King by Alyssa C  (WINNER)
Genre: YA Fantasy
Mentors: Laura Williams McCaffrey, Sarah Grimm, Ron Smith

Diety Girl by Stacy Choi
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy
Mentors: Laura Williams McCaffrey, Wendy Spinale, Rob Vlock
The Blood of Runes by Danielle Simonelli
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Mentors: Laura Williams McCaffrey, Heather Petty, Stephanie Scott

The House with Two Faces by Adelle Yeung
Genre: YA Historical Urban Fantasy
Mentors: Laura Williams McCaffrey, Heather Cashman, Brenda Drake

Previous Workshops

Current Workshop

     See here

Interested in Entering Your Own Manuscript in the Workshop?

Have a manuscript of your own that you're ready to submit to agents or aren't sure how to start? See here

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