Monday, June 17, 2013

The Second Revisions Are Up for the First Five Pages June Workshop

The second revisions for the June First Five Pages Workshop with guest mentor Nancy Kress are posted below and ready for comment. Scroll down to read them, or click here to get them all.

And don't forget to read our latest workshop success story, Dana Edwards, a two-timer who landed representation for her first manuscript. We are so proud of her and thrilled to be even a small part of her journey.

We invite everyone to participate in our workshops by commenting or reading along and comparing your thoughts to those of our mentor. Read the original entries, too, if you like, to see how the writer has applied the suggestions. As always, Lisa Gail Green and I will also critique, and of course each of the participants are required to comment on each other's work.

Learn how to participate here:

And if you're interested in entering next month's workshop, check the full workshop rules at the link below:

About our Mentor

Nancy Kress is the author of 32 books, including 25 novels, four collections of short stories, three books about writing, and a YA fantasy trilogy published under the name Anna Kendall (CROSSING OVER, DARK MIST RISING, and A BRIGHT AND TERRIBLE SWORD). Her work has won every major science fiction award, including two Hugos and five Nebulas. The novels include science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. Her most recent books are AFTER THE FALL, BEFORE THE FALL, DURING THE FALL (Tachyon, 2012), a long novella of eco-disaster, time travel, and human resiliency.; and FLASH POINT (Viking, 2012) is a YA novel about a future TV reality show in an economically stricken United States.

Intermittently, Nancy teaches writing workshops at various venues around the country. A few years ago she taught at the University of Leipzig as the visiting Picador professor. For sixteen years she was the “Fiction” columnist for WRITERS DIGEST MAGAZINE. Nancy lives in Seattle with her husband, writer Jack Skillingstead, and Cosette, the world’s most spoiled toy poodle.

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