Monday, April 15, 2013

The 1st 5 Pages April Workshop Revisions are Posted!

The first round of revisions are posted in our April workshop with guest mentor Lauren Bjorkman. What do you think? Check out Lauren's suggestions and the other notes on the last round along with the original entries, and then read the revision. Tell us what you think? Is the new revision more intriguing, more readable, more compelling? What else needs work?

This is a great opportunity to peek over the shoulder of a published author and see how she approaches the writing and reading of a novel. Don't miss out. Jump in and help these writers out!

Happy writing! :)

Martina and Lisa


  1. I'm biting my nails. I still think my genre my need tweaking. Maybe. And no need to be subtle. I think I should reveal Mrs. Tolson for the witch she really is. My MC can see straight through her, so maybe my readers should have that privilege too??

    1. I THANK YOU to all who read my entry and gave me their advice. I hope I got your suggestions right! This week was pretty emotional for me, so I'm worried I didn't get it right:(