Monday, December 17, 2012

Final Revisions Are Posted for December's First Five Pages Workshop

Ready to see what our workshop participants have done with a little feedback and the guidance of this month's mentor, the fabulous J. Anderson Coats? Well, then, scroll on down!

We have one last opportunity to make sure that we've coaxed as much out of these crucial first pages as possible. What do you think? Would these entries make you want to keep reading? Make you eager to keep reading? Make it impossible not to read? Do you feel like you are connecting to the characters and that you know what their problems are and where the book is headed? Do you want to go with them for the ride?

Because that's really what first pages are all about, isn't it? They are the setup that creates the bargain with the reader. Come on in, they whisper. Let me tell you a story that will inspire you, or chill you, or horrify you, or warm you, or confound you, or make you laugh. Maybe more than one of those things. They tell us what to expect.

So now, please, tell us. Based on each of the entries below, what would you expect? What kind of a story do you think the corresponding book will be?

Happy reading!

Martina and Lisa

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