Monday, November 5, 2012

November First Five Pages Workshop w/ Mentor A.C. Gaughen

Our November 1st Five Pages Workshop entries are posted below. Please scroll down to read them.

The workshop will be guest mentored by A.C. Gaughen this month. Lisa Gail Green and/or I will work alongside her to tell the workshop participants what we see in those first five pages with respect to voice, plot, characters, setting, pacing and writing in general. Depending on the mentor's schedule, she may comment only on the participants' initial entry, on the initial entry and one revision, or on both revisions. Participants will also get feedback and comments from their peers throughout the month, and have the opportunity to post revisions each week so they'll end up with the strongest possible start.

We invite everyone to comment, too! Come participate, lurk, learn, and just enjoy the process. Read the pages on the tabs at the top of the blog to learn more about the workshop, how to evaluate opening pages, and about great openings in general.

About A.C. Gaughen

A.C. has been madly in love with writing since she was in kindergarten. She shared her first original story in first grade, which dealt with a gorilla finding someone naked in the shower, and was, sadly, the culmination of her humor writing skills because it got her kicked out of class.

She wrote all through middle school and starting submitting novels to publishers when she was thirteen.  All through high school she wrote in a notebook instead of taking class notes, finishing several more novels. Fast forward through college, a graduate writing program, and three novels written during her graduate program. SCARLET, her fabulous retelling of the Robin Hood legend, came out this year.  You can catch her on her website or on twitter as @acgaughen.

So there you have it, overnight success in a lifetime, and she's here to pass on what she has learned to help five workshop participants develop their manuscripts and start off right.

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